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The library database of the Arnold Schönberg Center contains approximately 5300 bibliographic entries about the Viennese School, Arnold Schönberg and his works.

We welcome information about new releases and older titles (books, articles). Please send missing titles either as copy or offprint.

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Inventory of books in Schönberg´s legacy (HTML)

Inventory of annotated books in Arnold Schönberg’s legacy (PDF document)

Inventory of annotated periodicals in Arnold Schönberg´s legacy (PDF document)

Sources for Arnold Schönberg´s song text (estate and reconstructed sources) (HTML)

Inventory of music supplies in Schönberg’s legacy (HTML)

At the time of its acquisition by the Arnold Schoenberg Institute (University of Southern California Los Angeles), the legacy of Arnold Schönberg contained 728 monographic titles. Many of these books have annotations in the margins by Schönberg.

Schönberg himself prepared a catalog to his library. This catalog, which also included scores, lists about 600 hundred volumes (of a total today of approximately 2,000 volumes) and was compiled in 1918. Volumes acquired between 1918 and Schönberg’s death in 1951 were not listed anywhere by Schönberg. His catalog consisted of two parts: Numerical Accession Lists (about 38 pages long) and an alphabetical Author List (145 pages).